Resign – Farewell Letter

A decision has been taken.

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know that today is my last day at Mitrais. I have enjoyed my time here and will miss the team. Thank you for all the support, insights, and help, you have provided to me over the past 18 months. And I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks:

  1. All the EXECs, and also Bu Wiwie, Bu Dewi, Pak She Kun who interviewed and gave me chance to join Mitrais.

  2. My managers (Pak Made Mudita, Pak Erwin Kodiat, Pak Agus(x) and Pak Charles) for the supports, opportunities and trust that you have given me.

  3. Q2-2008 member: Andrew Candraditya Defeng, Anggia Ferdina Meiliana, Antasena Wahyu Anggarajati, Arif Fauzi, Astri Kusumawardani, Bayudita, Dedy Hartono, Deni Surya, Elfira Yolanda, Fajar Nurdiansyah, Frandi Dwijayanto, Indra Nugraha Putra, Krisantus Sembiring, Maria Ludovika Dewi Kusuma Wardhani, Merisca, Yuan Yusiyana, Yuliam Septanus Adi Chandra, Dian(x), Aneke(x), Andy(x), Yendy(x) and me(x). Thanks for your friendship and all the fun.

  4. Travel Management System team (especially Cash Advance Module)

  5. LMS team : Pak Charles, Kok Sang, Wellya Septin, Deky, Yunardo, Wendy, I Gde Ady Yuliantara

    Ex LMS team : Pak Agus Effendi(x), Tju Wina, Anang Prihatanto, Era Wijaya, Yanuar, Bayu R, Atin(x), Arif Fauzi, Dedy, Fajar

    Tester : Vina, Erni, Maria LDK, Tanti

    Special thanks Anang Prihatanto, Made Suryawan, Rajendra, Teguh Hardiansah, Yogi, Binuko, Tommy Iwan, Indra Nugraha Putra, Haritian Pinio

    (For team, if I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know)

  6. ELTP Teachers: Facsi, Shinta, Andri(x), Steven Saiya and all my classmates in English class.

  7. [SATURDAY ROUTINE] Volley Club : Merisca and all the members.

  8. MMC, MACO, Numpang Lewat for the sharing and information.

  9. Admin Support, Accounting, IT Suppor, HRD and Finance Departments, Office Boy staffs and others for all your help and support.

  10. And thank to you all whose names I cannot mention your name one by one

I really apologize if I ever did something wrong or said something hurt, certainly it was not my intention. Please keep in touch! You can always contact me through:

  • YM/Facebook:
  • Phone number: 08562930405


Rifki Adzani

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5 Comments to “Resign – Farewell Letter”

  1. wahyu says:

    selamat ki…
    apa rencana selanjutnya?
    sukses ya

  2. Cyrus says:

    Petromax Gan!!!

    Selamat jalan ye Gan, semoga “dapet” yg lebih baik lagi.
    Jangan lupa ama kite2 :-)

    Kata Mbak Mer, “sundulan” poli-mu mengalami kemajuan lho.haha

  3. Rifki Adzani says:

    @wahyu cari kerja atau nyari sekolah. mana yang lebih dulu dapat itu yang ku ambil

  4. Rifki Adzani says:

    @Cyrus nga jadi pertamax gan. bsk sabtu kita maen lagi.

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